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Following the opening of an investigation procedure, the Authority has adopted interim measures against Tecnomaster.Biz SpA, which operates online sales of electronic devices and other components for telecommunications through its website

In particular, the company has been ordered to suspend all activities related to the sale of unavailable products as well as the advance debits for goods that are not in stock in the company warehouses or that are not ready for delivery.

Tecnomaster.Biz must communicate the execution of the provisions of the suspension provision within 10 days of receipt.

The action is part of a broader strategy aimed at ensuring the proper and balanced development of online sales also through the organic repression of phenomena such as the failure to deliver the goods ordered and duly paid for by consumers, the barriers to refund the amount paid despite numerous complaints and the dissemination of false and contradictory information regarding the real status of purchase orders as well as the actual delivery times of the products.

Similar measures were recently taken against the companies Rocket Srl, Phone Srl and Infotel Srl operating through , and websites respectively.

This action is part of the organic monitoring of the e-commerce sector, which in the last three years, has seen 56 procedures, 18 of which - related to the most serious cases – were concluded with the verification of the alleged violations and the imposition of penalties up to a total of € 3,100,000.00, while for 4 companies, in respect of which less serious crimes were alleged, the Authority accepted and made the commitments presented binding. Finally, 34 operators, adhering to the Authority's recommendation to tackle deficiencies detected by the investigation of their respective websites, intervened by modifying the informative contents of their sites in order to make them compliant with the provisions of the Consumer Code.

Rome, 30 April 2018