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Booking’s commitments to the Antitrust
on the prices offered by the partner hotels

Pursuant to the investigation initiated by the Antitrust Authority on 7 May of last year about Expedia Inc., Expedia Italy S.r.l., B.V. and (Italia), the companies in the Priceline group have bound themselves vis-à-vis the Competition and Market Guarantor Authority (Agcm) with regard to the content of the Most favoured nation (Mfn) clauses included in the contractual relationships with its own partner hotels. The commitments will be published today on the weekly Bulletin of the Competition and Market Guarantor Authority: possible remarks will have to be forwarded in writing by no later than 31 January 2015, while the assessment procedure will be finalized within the subsequent date of 1 April.

Practically speaking, Booking binds itself to modify the Mfn clause, in such a way that it can exclusively apply to the prices and the other conditions publicly offered by the hotels through its own direct sale channels, both online and offline, and no longer to the prices suggested by other On line travel agencies (Ota). The two companies shall additionally allow all its hotel partners to apply discounts on the tariffs offered on its own platform to clients belonging to closed user groups.

Rome, 15 December 2014